Cloud Solutions

Everyone is talking about the “cloud”. But what does it mean for your organization?
The main idea behind the cloud is that you can access all your information over the internet without having any detailed knowledge of the infrastructure used to enable it.

DR-Teq Solutions on Cloud That Can transform your organization

DR-Teq Provides Cloud based Office Productivity Suite Solutions for the business who wants to utilize the Cloud based tools that helps them and their team to collaborate and get things done from anywhere on virtually any device. Today’s cloud-based office suites offer anywhere access and cost savings over traditional, desktop software.

Our Cloud based office Productivity solutions focus on addressing business needs with a focus on : STANDARDISATION, COST SAVINGS, EASE OF DEPLOYMENT, WORK FLOW(Collaboration), ANYWHERE ACCESS and RESILIENCY.

A natural disaster could hit your town and destroy your systems, an employee could spill a drink on her computer and destroy it or someone could steal your equipment, but backing up data in the cloud makes these unfortunate events much more bearable

Cloud data backup stores existing data in an off-site server, making it available anytime, anywhere you need it. Data is frequently synced or updated, mirroring your system in real time. Cloud data backup not only disaster-proofs your business, but it also can save you tons of time and money in restoring your operation .

DR-Teq provides Cloud Backup Solutions from its principle partners for data protection which has a number of key advantages, such as scalability; freedom from day-to-day management; and potential cost savings on bandwidth, compared with writing data between multiple sites.

DR-Teq provides Cloud based data protection solutions that help organizations protect their data from attack and enable them to effectively meet the complex and evolving regulatory compliance and data governance mandates that have been spawned from highly publicized data breaches.

The Solution helps organizations to :
  • Keep malicious content out of their environments
  • Prevent the theft or inadvertent loss of sensitive information
  • Collect, securely retain, govern and discover sensitive data for compliance and litigation support
  • Securely communicate and collaborate on sensitive data with customers, partners and suppliers