Mobile Risk Assessment

Mobile applications bring many benefits and could be very useful for those who appreciate the latest technology available. One of the reasons for the popularity of mobile applications is its inherent capability for faster data sharing. With a faster data sharing, the productivity level of your workforce also increases which in turn makes a major contribution in your business growth. However, using these technologies also have some risks and this is the reason why you need to be careful and employ security measures when using mobile applications.

The most common problem that every business owner or company encounters with mobile applications is security breaches. Although you may be careful and try to make sure that your confidential information is properly distributed, this is not enough to ensure the privacy of your valuable information.

Data security is very essential especially in business and if you don’t pay attention to it when using mobile applications, your data could be damaged, lost or worst of all fall in the wrong hands.

Why DR-Teq for Mobile Application Security

As the technology changes Day to Day, Increase of user are rapidly growing to increase in the use if financial applications. At DR-Teq we provide the protection at financial level to identify the security flaws with in the mobile applications before a malicious user exploit the flaws.

Risk scoring that is driven by user, platform and context elements is embedded into the authentication process, meeting requirements for enhanced server-side analytics and streamlined compliance management.

Bring new, inter-connected levels of security to your application to reduce threats and combat fraud. With DR-Teq solutions, all core components of a mobile application can now be secured at every level, and protection is easily integrated, without performance disruptions or end user visibility.