Advanced Infrastructure

Additional services for layering network security to implement a defence in depth strategy is needed so as to strengthen the scope of Network security in context to the present day threats. The IT Security Policy is the principle document for network security. Its goal is to outline the rules for ensuring the security of organizational assets. The enforcement and auditing procedures for any regulatory compliance of an organization is required to meet and recorded in the policy as well.

DR-Teq adopts the following approach in an effort to view network security in its entirety:
  • Policy
  • Enforcement
  • Auditing

As an approach to bridge in strong and effective security defense, DR-Teq encompasses its technology offering to define Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability with the below mentioned solutions

An advanced persistent threat (APT) is a set of stealthy and continuous computer hacking processes, often orchestrated by human(s) targeting a specific entity. APT usually targets organizations and/or nations for business or political motives.

DR-Teq alligns its technical competencies in reducing the invading of such attack by designing solution and proactive measures of scans using the Packet Behavioural analysis sand boxing.

Unauthorized applications have the potential to cause great harm to a computer and to the network to which it is connected. All applications have inherent security risks that must be accepted by the organization. Use of unauthorized applications can introduce unknown and unacceptable additional security risks. Application Whitelisting prevents the use of unauthorized applications, thereby limiting the attack surface to only security risks that the organization has chosen to accept.

The amount of malware on the Internet increases in volume and variety every day. Malware developers and antivirus vendors are in a never-ending arms race.

DR-Teq assist in reducing the exposure to Malicious executable thereby reducing the impact of becoming a prey to a Hactivist by bridging in controls to the use of application which in traditional IT security would be a challenge.

The enhancement of IT architecture has practically made it impossible for any Human to manage the dynamic IT environment with vulnerability free environment. Thus increasing the risk of exposure for any breach.

DR-Teq's Vulnerability and Compliance Management solutions support you organization to track the vulnerabilities periodically in an automated manner and baseline you policies with the Industry best practices.

Penetration testing highlight what a real-world bad guy might see if he or she targeted the given organization.

DR-Teq’s on premises solution of can provide a holistic view of the land scape threat which outline that path as to how any Hactiivist can target. This visibility can help you take necessary mitigation steps to encompass your confidential Business Information.

The number of patches which are required on a consistent basis can be overwhelming. This is why it is necessary to devise a patch management process to ensure the proper preventive measures are taken against potential threats.

DR-Teq’s solution offering is one of the best recognized solution that support patch management process for both Windows and Non windows based.