Virtualize your data center storage and management with a non-disruptive, scalable, and secure agile data infrastructure.
  • Single platform delivering high performance and predictable scale for any virtual workload
  • Flexibility with multi-hypervisor support (Hyper-V, ESXi, KVM) and full appliance portfolio for the right mix of compute and storage resources
  • Keep VMs running and protected with VM-centric backups and integrated disaster recovery
  • Reduce TCO by 40-60% by eliminating IT silos and overprovisioning, and simplifying datacenter operations
The explosion of virtualized server workloads such as databases, network services, collaboration applications, and unified communications has given rise to the need for a more intelligent approach to infrastructure management. With hundreds of virtualized applications running in a typical datacenter, IT infrastructure requires alignment with the virtualization stack. Traditional 3-tier architectures result in inefficiencies in provisioning, silos between IT and business units, and inability to scale globally as business needs grow.

The hyper converged solution is an ideal, pay-as-you grow solution for server virtualization. Using a web-scale architecture that integrates compute and storage resources into a 100% software-defined appliance, empowers both large and small IT organizations to efficiently consolidate and run all virtualized workloads on a single system.

Desktop and Application Virtualization
Unfortunately traditional three-tier architectures with separate storage and compute (servers) bring complexity, inflexible resource provisioning, and fragmented infrastructure management, which can offset the advantages of desktop virtualization. Moreover these infrastructure issues are magnified as desktop and application projects scale from pilot to full-scale production environments.

Desktop and application virtualization deployments are increasingly common in today’s mobile friendly IT environments. VDI is not only being driven by IT departments to efficiently support growing end user computing needs, they are also needed to support bring your own device initiatives, unfettered mobile access to applications and data, and improved security.
  • Start small and seamlessly scale to support 100s or 1000s of virtual desktops with pay-as-you-grow economics
  • Minimize infrastructure risk with predictable scalability and VDI assurance
  • Deliver excellent user experience regardless of deployment scale or type
  • Simplify VDI projects and accelerate time to value